Ensure Safety with Cat® Safety Services

The safety of your crews and equipment is critical to your success. First and foremost, you want to ensure the people working for you and anyone near your worksites gets home safely and without incident. You also want to avoid equipment accidents and damage that cost you money and reduce your ability to get your job done on time.

Thanks to Cat technologies, ensuring the safety of your equipment and work zones is easier. Cat technology tracks and monitors many different equipment parameters and allows you to make adjustments to avoid safety issues. When you know what’s happening, you can correct dangerous situations before a problem or accident occurs. You get real-time data on safety-related conditions, such as:

  • Operator visibility and equipment condition
  • Equipment location at multiple sites
  • Speed and avoidance zones
  • Need for remote controlling in harsh conditions

It’s easy to see how access to this information allows you and your crews to adopt safer working practices. You get alerts before accidents happen and can analyze daily or weekly data and watch for trends. Integrating Cat safety technologies into the overall safety program and culture of your worksite keeps safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

What Safety Services are Available?

Safety Culture Programs

You can work diligently to compose and post safety guidelines for all aspects of your business’s operations, but without employee buy-in, your hard work isn’t likely to have the impact you intended. That’s why an effective safety plan is more than making rules and regulations — it’s also about the creation of a company-wide culture where all employees feel that they’re an active part of the program.

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Safety Perception Survey

When your business involves the use of heavy equipment for construction, mining or some other application, your continued success hinges on the many safety measures your crews have to adhere to each day on the worksite. Naturally, without safe working practices, a jobsite will quickly run into problems that can range from inconvenient and costly to fundamentally damaging and tragic.

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Sleep Profile Reporting

You work hard to be sure your fleet is well-maintained and ready to go at the start of every shift. So what about your operators? How much of your business is riding on their shoulders to come to work rested and ready to go every day? Wouldn’t it be smart to have a method of knowing who’s ready to work and who might be at risk due to insufficient rest?

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Fatigue Risk Management

How would you like to increase your entire organization’s awareness of fatigue as well as the inherent risks often associated with it? And what if there was a practical way to encourage an enterprise-wide strategy to improve safety and productivity without it being a disruption to your existing management policies?

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Jobsite Fatigue Assessment

While you’re probably aware of the fact that operator fatigue can result in poorer performance and a higher threat to worksite safety, how much risk are you actually exposed to on a daily basis? And how do you mitigate your risk and institute change to improve the alertness of your operators?

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Operator Monitoring

The continued success of any company that operates heavy equipment relies greatly on its operators to remain aware, sharp and alert when working on a jobsite. If even one operator is distracted or suffering from fatigue, the results can be devastating for the operator, colleagues working in the vicinity and the overall progress of the project.

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Safety Isn’t an Add-On

Safety needs to be an integral part of how you run your equipment and business. By treating safety as inherent to how you work, your crew will more easily adopt safe working practices. At Carolina Cat, we take safety seriously and have been able to help many customers ensure the safety of their workers and equipment with the help of Cat technologies.

We’d be happy to show you more about these impressive tools and help you find ways to integrate them into your worksite. Our new Cat equipment comes equipped with Cat safety technologies and in some cases, we can even retrofit older equipment. Don’t cross your fingers and hope safety will just happen.

An accident is at the very least an inconvenience to your business and in some cases can even be tragic. Take advantage of the powerful safety tools Caterpillar has put at your disposal in its impressive range of construction, mining and industrial equipment. You’ll have all the data you need to fully understand your current safety situation and make the changes necessary to ensure safety day in and day out.