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Cat construction, mining and heavy-duty equipment is known around the world for its performance and reliability. The technology solutions provided by our partner, SITECH Horizon, adds tracking, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities that further enhance how you use your equipment and improve efficiency, productivity and safety. These tools are designed to optimize every aspect of your mining and construction equipment and extract even more value from your fleet.

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Trimble Earthworks Grade Control System

Install the Trimble Earthworks grade control system with dual GPS to perform a variety of earthmoving tasks with precision. It can read your site plan’s design surfaces, grades and alignment to determine how to grade with accuracy and efficiency. Trimble Earthworks’ features include:

  • Dual antenna GPS: Trimble’s signature dual antenna GPS configuration will measure your machine’s exact position, the heading of the blade and the cross slope. This complex technology can ensure that you get correct readings every time.
  • On-board computer: After receiving the dual GPS’ position data, the Trimble Earthworks’ on-board computer will compare it to the site plan data. It will then calculate the differences to determine whether to cut or fill a surface.
  • Indicate and automatic modes: The Trimble Earthworks’ two modes will give you as much control over grading as you desire. You can use Indicate mode to guide manual grading or connect the Trimble Earthworks system to the machine’s hydraulics for automatic operation.

This GPS-based grade control system suits larger projects and long-term jobs with multiple phases. You can count on it for tasks that require long-lasting and reliable technology.

Trimble TSC7 Controller

The TSC7 rugged data collector comes standard with Siteworks Controller Software. Its handheld design will empower you to complete site measurement, grade checking and stakeout operations wherever you need. This controller has features such as:

  • Compatibility: You can use the TSC7 to manage Trimble site positioning systems such as the SPS series total stations. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about its compatibility with Trimble products.
  • Engineered durability: With a design created for all conditions, the TSC7 displays information in most light levels and withstands dust and moisture. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology: The TSC7 works with all Trimble site positioning systems using a wireless connection. You can work with fewer cables and components on your jobsite as a result.

Thanks to its durable design and versatile function, the TSC7 performs well in a wide range of situations.

Trimble SPS986 Smart GPS Antenna

You can use the SPS986to operate a GNSS rover system or Wi-Fi-powered base system for your grading job. It features a GNSS Smart Antenna that taps into more signals, constellations and satellites than traditional GPS systems. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy higher levels of precision on sites that interfere with standard GPS technology. Now that you can work in environments such as urban areas and under tree canopies, you’ll have more productivity than ever. The Trimble SPS986 functions on the following sources:

  • GPS
  • Precision GNSS base station
  • Virtual reference station (VRS)
  • Trimble technologies such as IBSS

Let the SPS986 run grading operations in a variety of conditions and environments. Its versatility will give you the power to grade in a broad range of jobs.

Trimble GCSFlex Grade Control System

Designed for owner-operators and small to mid-sized contractors, the GCSFlex can scale to your needs. Its rugged design focuses on simplicity, making it easy to install, learn and use. The GCSFlex has the following benefits and more:

  • Flexibility: The GCSFlex system comes with standard sensors that make it suitable for a wide range of activities. You can start with the original system and add sensors as your operations grow.
  • Fast installation: You can install the GCSFlex within a few hours, which means you can start working as soon as possible. It requires no welding or drilling to set up.

A short and non-permanent installation process makes the GCSFlex ideal for rental machines and other short-term situations. Its scalability will help you find use for it in scenarios that require flexibility.​

Trimble Universal Total Stations (UTS) Systems

Trimble UTS systems can help you handle all aspects of the grading process, from initial measurements to finished grading. They’ll give you control over your stakeout, machine control and site measurement requirements. Your UTS system can take the place of a contract surveyor and has a design meant for high-traffic scenarios. Advanced technology from Trimble ignores obstructions that could interfere with an accurate reading. Since it can handle situations with multiple pieces of machinery, it excels on construction sites. Members of the Trimble line of UTS systems include:

  • SPS730
  • SPS930

UTS systems from Trimble can make clear readings in a wide range of scenarios, suiting various jobs and sites. Its accurate data can create complex and precise site plans for your grading operations.

Spectra Precision® Laser Grade Laser Transmitters

Spectra Precision’s GL700 series of laser transmitters offers durability, precision and innovation. Choose from three options designed for different needs and budgets:

  • GL742 Steep Grade Laser: Engineered for the toughest jobs, the GL742 has a steep grade range of 110%. It tackles the widest range of general construction and machine control applications out of the series.
  • GL720 Dual Grade Laser: Economical yet powerful, the GL720 acts as the series’ mid-range option. It boasts high accuracy within 3,000 feet with an X-axis grade range of 10% and a Y-axis range of -0.5 to 25%.
  • GL710 Single Grade Laser: The GL710 has the most cost-conscious price in the series, with the power associated with Spectra Precision. Suitable for general construction, site preparation and pipe-laying, it stays accurate within 3,000 feet.

Each member of the GL700 series will come with your choice of power options and a laser receiver standard. Increase your productivity like never before with simple setup and powerful features.

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