3D Grade Control

If you want to enhance the grading performance of your equipment, 3D grade control systems offer the capabilities you need to get the job done better and faster. Instead of traditional grade staking, 3D grade control uses onboard technology to combine site plans and survey to determine and control the machine implement.

Cat® 3D Grade Control is a specially designed system that will save you time, money, labor and materials.

What Is Cat Grade Control?

Cat Grade Control is a factory-integrated precision grading system that provides significant improvements in grading efficiency for different machines, including DozersExcavatorsMotor graders, Concrete Pavers and Asphalt Pavers.

For added precision, we offer Grade with 3D for your machines through the use of GPS, UTS, or Laser technologies.

Cat Grade with 3D offers highly accurate and consistent grading for a wide range of applications, including site projects, roadways, bulk earthmoving, and complex designs.

You can also track and monitor the progress of your equipment with 3D track mapping data via VisionLink® 3D Project Monitoring, which is available separately.

What Are the Benefits of Cat Grade with 3D?

There are many benefits to using Cat Grade with 3D, such as:

  • Enhanced productivity: You will boost your productivity by up to 50% compared to traditional grading methods, resulting in improved quality, efficiency, and fuel savings.
  • Reduced costs: By significantly reducing the process of staking, checking, re-staking and all the delays associated with those tasks, you will enhance your operations and save time and money.
  • Versatility: Cat Grade with 3D is ideal for many different applications and designed to work with other technology platforms such as TopCon and Leica.
  • Ease of use: Cat Grade with 3D automatically adjusts for elevation and cross slope on dozers and motor graders. 3D grade will prevent overcut while operating excavators. It also reduces operator input requirements by up to 80% for greater accuracy.

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At Carolina Cat, we have factory installed and Aftermarket 3D Grade Control systems that will add a whole new level of productivity, reliability and safety to your job site. This automated, all-in-one solution is also cost-effective and will give you the precise results you’re looking for. We have a full technology team to support Cat technologies in house.

If you are interested in a Cat Grade with 3D, contact us today for more information. Our expert team can answer your questions and assist you with the setup process on your jobsite.