Equipment Management Services

It’s important to have the right mix of equipment for your construction business. Cat equipment gives you the performance, reliability and versatility you need to get the job done. To maximize your efficiency and productivity and get the most out of your fleet, Caterpillar offers you Equipment Management Services.

This powerful management technology collects real-time data from your Cat equipment and allows you to analyze and track a broad range of parameters. Equipment Management Services consist of three unique services that combine to give you full control of how you run your fleet: Inform, Advise and Support. Each level gives you insight into where your equipment is, how it’s being used and how you can optimize it for improved productivity and reliability.


Keep Every Asset Operating at the Highest Level

With Cat Equipment Management Services, you can stay on top of asset monitoring, maintenance and repairs to keep your performance high and your costs low.

Asset Tracking

Remotely monitor equipment location and hours in use. Find opportunities to improve scheduling, identify under-utilization and plan maintenance.


S·O·S℠ Fluid Analysis

Sample and test the condition of oil, fuel, and coolants to analyze your machine's condition, to proactively prevent failures and maintain production.


Condition Monitoring

Compile asset data, fluid analysis, inspection results, and more, for a big-picture view of your fleet. Receive custom notifications and recommendations when an asset needs attention.


Equipment Inspections

Maximize uptime by conducting regular assessments of your fleet. Receive a detailed report and recommendations from our expert technicians after they perform a thorough inspection of your machine.


Maintenance and Repair Execution

Receive a planned maintenance schedule based on your specific needs. Get all planned maintenance services and component repairs at a fixed cost for the life of the covered equipment.


Get Started with Cat Technology Services

At Carolina Cat, we’re proud of the service and support we can provide our customers. Thanks to the advanced technology from Cat and EMS, we can now give you even greater support and help extend the life of your Cat construction equipment. Contact our team today to find out more about Equipment Management Services and start harnessing all the performance, efficiency and reliability of your Cat equipment.