Safety Perception Survey

When your business involves the use of heavy equipment for construction, mining or some other application, your continued success hinges on the many safety measures your crews have to adhere to each day on the worksite. Naturally, without safe working practices, a jobsite will quickly run into problems that can range from inconvenient and costly to fundamentally damaging and tragic.

Some statistics speak for themselves. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one out of every 10 workers in the construction industry is injured every year. And of all OSHA safety regulations, the one most disregarded standard involves working without sufficient fall protection.

What this fact clearly means is that safety isn’t a one-off, but instead has to be an integral part of your ongoing operations. Yet even if you’ve developed a robust safety strategy for your workers and equipment, how can you be assured of its effectiveness? And how do you get sufficient forewarning if it isn’t so that you can take corrective action before an accident occurs?

To help you in this critical endeavor, Cat® Connect has instituted a suite of Safety Services focused on better employing technology, data and expertise to increase the safe working practices of your company. And when it comes to uncovering the commitment your organization has to safety — from the boardroom to the worksite — there’s no better method than taking advantage of a Safety Perception Survey.

Get a Comprehensive View With a Caterpillar® Safety Perception Survey

Even if your leadership is serious about safety, that’s no guarantee that your frontline workers are equally dedicated to it — and they’re the ones that most need to be. That’s why a Safety Perception Survey is a highly useful tool to help you gain a 360° view of your company’s current stance on safety as well as how to make the most effective improvements to it.

What follows are some of the typical steps involved in a Safety Perception Survey:

  • Employee survey: Your staff members are given a 73-question survey designed to reveal attitudes, behaviors and beliefs as they relate to safety.
  • Leadership workshop: A Caterpillar safety expert conducts a leadership workshop to take a detailed look at how your safety culture is communicated company-wide.
  • Supplemental interviews: Optional individual on-site interviews may be conducted.
  • Cultural indicators: As a result of the survey and interviews, more than 20 cultural indicators are identified and addressed, including discipline, hazard correction and employee involvement, to name a few.
  • Report and recommendations: Your Cat safety expert reviews all results and creates a comprehensive report complete with insights and recommendations for correcting any obstacles to your safety measures.

It’s time to reward your efforts to make safety a priority, especially when a Safety Perception Survey can help you identify issues and take appropriate action before they become costly — or worse, tragic.

Operate Safely With Carolina CAT

For over 95 years, Carolina CAT has been supplying top-quality equipment and services that our customers can rely on to get the job done safely. Now, with advanced technologies and data collection, we’re even better equipped to help companies like yours enjoy safe operations today and into the future.

Why wait until an accident happens? Discover a new level of operational efficiency with a Safety Perception Survey. For more information, fill out our contact form or call 1-800-277-1212.