Fatigue Risk Management

How would you like to increase your entire organization’s awareness of fatigue as well as the inherent risks often associated with it? And what if there was a practical way to encourage an enterprise-wide strategy to improve safety and productivity without it being a disruption to your existing management policies?

The good news is that the Caterpillar® Fatigue Risk Management System is designed to do all this and more.

Combining the latest breakthroughs in Cat® technologies and Safety Services, the Fatigue Risk Management System is a comprehensive approach that engages all members of your company. Its purpose is to engage and educate all levels of leaders, supervisors and employees so that everyone is better equipped to recognize — and take appropriate action to reduce — fatigue, distractions and the unfortunate events that can accompany them.

Build Enterprise-Wide Protection With the Caterpillar Fatigue Risk Management System

The Fatigue Risk Management System is an expertly designed program that takes place over the course of one to two years. Caterpillar safety experts play an active role in the system, along with the members of your leadership team. Here are some of the key steps that the Fatigue Risk Management System includes:

  • Leadership workshop: A Caterpillar safety expert meets with your leadership team and conducts this workshop that aims to raise everyone’s awareness of fatigue and its root causes.
  • Fatigue Risk Assessment (FRA): A comprehensive Fatigue Risk Assessment is performed, employing technology, data and analysis. It makes use of the Cat Driver Safety System, Cat Smartbands, a Fatigue Schedule Analysis and collected equipment data.
  • Steering team: A Caterpillar safety expert facilitates the meeting of the steering team comprised of pre-selected employees. They assess the FRA and design processes and deployment measures aimed at mitigating fatigue and distraction risks moving forward.
  • Training and education: Employees are trained and educated by a Caterpillar safety expert on the risk of fatigue as well as how to employ new technologies and support a new level of safety throughout the organization.
  • Rapid improvement workshops: These highly practical workshops for front-line employees are specifically designed to assist in the integration of fatigue mitigation procedures into everyday practices and processes.
  • Final re-assessment: To ensure that the Fatigue Risk Management System is operating with measurable positive results, a final re-assessment is completed.

Watch your company attain new levels of safety, productivity and awareness with the Fatigue Risk Management System.

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