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When it comes to heavy machinery, time is money. One machine down can bring the job site to a standstill. There's no need to wait on common repairs. Sometimes you will want to do your own repairs and maintenance — that's why Cat Self-Service Options offer integrated custom solutions. We offer the convenience of online ordering, pickup, or delivery to site with relatively simple to follow service instructions packaged with each part.

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A Repair Solution That Goes Where You Do

When your business keeps you on-the-go, it helps to have flexible repair solutions. Self-Service Options make it easy to repair from start to finish, with everything you need in one convenient package.


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Browse our ever-expanding list of available Self-Service Options, here to help you tackle the repairs you want to do yourself. With the right parts, tooling, instructions and technical support in one convenient kit, you'll be back on the job in no time. Click on the Self-Service Options below to view flyers with more information.

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Here's a way to save yourself even more time and effort when maintenance and repairs are due. Order Cat Self-Service Options online anytime at Parts.Cat.Com.

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Our Cat equipment help line is the best way to get superior technical expertise directly from a trained professional. We move quickly to resolve your issue and minimize equipment downtime at your job site. Give us a call today at 704-731-7700 and start your journey toward outstanding technical service.