Jobsite Fatigue Assessment

While you’re probably aware of the fact that operator fatigue can result in poorer performance and a higher threat to worksite safety, how much risk are you actually exposed to on a daily basis? And how do you mitigate your risk and institute change to improve the alertness of your operators?

Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn’t have a set standard to follow regarding irregular or extended work scheduling, statistics show that fatigue plays a role in one-third of on-the-job accidents. In addition, studies reveal that the negative effects of fatigue are comparable to the impaired responses that result from drinking alcohol. From poorer attention spans to slower reactions, the productivity and safety of operators suffer when fatigue enters the picture.

This situation is why Caterpillar® Safety Services was established. Using Cat® Connect technologies, your leaders, supervisors and operators can become better informed and equipped to deal with any fatigue and distraction issues before they become problems that can cost you time and money. And the best way to understand just how much risk you’re currently exposed to as a result of fatigue, as well as how to make focused changes that pay off, is to take advantage of a Fatigue Risk Assessment.


Improve Safety and Performance With a Caterpillar Fatigue Risk Assessment

With educational workshops, focused data collection and expert analysis, a Fatigue Risk Assessment is a three-pronged approach to uncovering risk, mitigating its causes and instituting data-driven changes to prevent fatigue in the future. Combining the latest in-cab and wearable technologies, a Fatigue Risk Assessment includes the following:

  • Leadership workshops: Empowering onsite workshops designed to raise leaders’ awareness of fatigue, its sources and how it impacts overall safety and performance.
  • Employee workshops: Engaging onsite workshops designed to help operators assume an active role in fatigue prevention and adopt new technologies created to assist them in this effort.
  • Data collection: Using in-cab Driver Safety Systems and wrist-worn Cat Smartbands, data is collected on operators’ onsite performance, as well as their sleep habits, to assist in discovering increased fatigue and distraction levels due to scheduling issues.
  • Reporting and analysis: Caterpillar safety experts identify fatigue vulnerabilities and provide you with both benchmarks and an action plan to mitigate the risk of fatigue moving forward on your jobsites.

With raised awareness levels, meaningful data and customized reporting, your Fatigue Risk Assessment lays the foundation for implementing site-by-site strategic plans in order to spot fatigue earlier and institute appropriate intervention. It helps everyone work safer and smarter, putting your organization in an even better position for the future.

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Improvement With Carolina CAT

For over 95 years, we’ve been supplying not only world-class equipment but also the type of innovative services that make us an industry leader. Add to that new technology, and with Carolina CAT, you have an unparalleled way of getting the best and safest performance out of your investments.

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