Operator Monitoring

The continued success of any company that operates heavy equipment relies greatly on its operators to remain aware, sharp and alert when working on a jobsite. If even one operator is distracted or suffering from fatigue, the results can be devastating for the operator, colleagues working in the vicinity and the overall progress of the project.

Knowing this information, it’s no surprise that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that construction workers are three times more at risk of on-the-job fatal injuries than the combined average of all occupations. What’s more: Fatigue is judged to be a crucial factor that contributes to one-third of all job-related accidents.

Of course, unlike unforeseen mishaps, operator distraction and fatigue can be prevented. But it requires a robust operator monitoring system. Fortunately, with the latest Cat® Connect technology and Safety Services, you can be informed of dangerous situations and take corrective action before a safety issue becomes a major accident.

Imagine having the power to alert operators and supervisors to safety issues resulting from fatigue and/or distraction. In addition, how would you like to have proper oversight and support for your employees so that all safety infractions are addressed in a timely fashion according to the severity of the event? With Operator Monitoring, you can do all that — and more!

Mitigate Risk With Caterpillar® Operator Monitoring System

<p”>At the very first sign of an operator becoming sleepy or distracted, the Operator Monitoring system makes use of a number of technological breakthroughs to correct the situation, inform the right personnel and help you take preventative measures to mitigate the risks involved.

Here’s how the Operator Monitoring System can help your organization operate more safely:

  • In-cab technology: With dealer-installed Driver Safety Systems, special cameras equipped with infrared sensors monitor head orientation and eye movement to detect incidents of distraction and fatigue.
  • Distraction alerts: If a distraction event is detected due to an operator’s head orientation, an in-cab alarm sounds, the operator’s seat vibrates and a distraction notification is sent to the appropriate personnel.
  • Sleep alerts: If a fatigue incident is detected due to an operator’s eye movement and/or head orientation, an in-cab alarm sounds, the operator’s seat vibrates and a fatigue notification is sent to the appropriate personnel.
  • Onsite dispatchers: Supervisors receive alert notifications so that they can check in directly with impaired operators and take corrective action.
  • Safety advisors: Through the Caterpillar Fleet Monitoring Center, your safety advisor confirms and classifies all alert events so that you receive your choice of a weekly or monthly safety report complete with custom analysis.

Stop operator fatigue and distraction in its tracks. Take action before accidents happen with Operator Monitoring.

Operate Safer With Carolina CAT

Why invest in world-class equipment and then simply hope that it’s operated properly? Instead, put yourself in the driver’s seat of each of every piece of equipment you deploy.

With Carolina CAT, we don’t just supply you with equipment — we also incorporate the latest technology to help you get the job done right. Find out how Operator Monitoring can support the safe operation of your fleet. Fill out our contact form, or call 1-800-277-1212 now.