Condition Monitoring

The health of your fleet is ultimately improved and protected by you taking proactive measures sooner rather than later. But to ensure proper fleet service, maintenance and operator training, you need actionable information you can trust. Fortunately, through Equipment Management Services, you can get asset Condition Monitoring that puts you in control of your fleet in a whole new way.

If you could be informed of a major problem ahead of time, would you wait before servicing or repairing a vital piece of your equipment? And if you found out that an operator needed further instruction to operate an important piece of machinery more safely and effectively, how long would it take you to arrange the training?


Let’s face it: Your Cat equipment is a major investment that you rely on to run reliably so that you can meet your deadlines. That’s why maximizing your uptime is always an important aspect of productivity and profitability. But if you’re just waiting for a problem to occur before taking action to correct it, you’re not taking advantage of what today’s technology can do for the bottom line of your business.

Fortunately, at Carolina Cat, we don’t just supply you with world-class equipment — we also make sure that equipment comes packed with the latest technology to protect your investment and optimize its performance. Thanks to smart product links, your equipment’s vital data can now be collected and aggregated via our Caterpillar cloud server. Then, with experts’ insights and analyses, our Condition Monitoring can compile asset data, inspection results, fluid analysis and more to provide you with maintenance recommendations that wind up saving you both time and money in the long run.

How Condition Monitoring Works

You need to be able to make the most informed decisions possible about the health of your fleet and the training of your operators. That’s why Condition Monitoring collects key data points and assembles big picture overviews in order to deliver summary reports filled with proactive alerts, recommendations and opportunities.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fleet data collection: Through ProductLink, your fleet’s data is collected and uploaded to our Caterpillar cloud server.
  • Worksite assessment: Your Cat dealer expert performs a worksite assessment.
  • Onsite machine inspections: Either your Cat dealer expert or your own maintenance staff perform onsite machine inspections assisted by the Cat Inspect app.
  • Fluid sampling: Fluid samples are collected either onsite, in the workshop or at your local dealership.
  • S·O·S℠ Fluid Analysis: The condition of your equipment is determined through testing of collected oil, coolant and fuel samples.
  • Advisor analysis: Your Condition Monitoring advisor analyzes all collected data and test results — including site conditions, inspection results, repair history, electronic data and fluid analysis.
  • Summary reporting: You’re provided with a summary report that gives you actionable information — including maintenance, repairs and training opportunities.

Carolina Cat Helps Maximize Your Uptime

Since 1926, we’ve been providing our customers with both the equipment and services they need to get the job done right. Now, in the age of connectivity through smart technology, our story remains the same.

You can rely on Carolina Cat to assist you in maximizing your fleet’s uptime and performance. For more information on Condition Monitoring and all our Equipment Management Services, fill out our contact form or call us at 1-800-277-1212.