Equipment Inspections

Would you skip regular maintenance service on a car that’s worth six figures and drive it until it broke down? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. So why would you ever do the same thing to the construction equipment you rely on to keep your business up and running?

Naturally, besides being a sizable initial investment, your fleet of equipment represents the very backbone of your business. If vital pieces of your fleet are running poorly or regularly experience downtime, your bottom line is affected. What’s more: In addition to lost productivity, you’ll wind up spending more on major repairs than if you addressed those issues earlier as part of a planned maintenance program.


Fortunately, thanks to Equipment Management Services, you can take advantage of having Equipment Inspections conducted by a Cat dealer expert. With the results of the inspections, as well as enhanced reports that you can easily access, you’ll get the actionable information you need to take proactive measures to protect your assets and maximize their uptime.

In today’s ever more technologically connected world, why wouldn’t you seize every opportunity to save your business money while simultaneously increasing its reliability and profitability? It’s essential to remember that at Carolina Cat, we supply not only industry-leading equipment but also cutting-edge technology to make sure the equipment receives proactive maintenance that protects your investment.

What’s Included in Caterpillar® Equipment Inspections?

To help prevent everything from mechanical to thermal induced failures, Equipment Inspections are the way to go. There’s no doubt that when your fleet’s service history is well-documented and all factory-recommended service and maintenance procedures are followed, you save money while also extending the productive lifespan of your equipment.

Here’s what’s included in Equipment Inspections:

  • Onsite inspections: Your equipment is given a thorough inspection that follows a detailed checklist by either your Cat dealer expert or a member of your own maintenance team using the Cat Inspect app.
  • Data upload: The inspection results, including any signs of wear or misalignment, are uploaded to a central database by means of a Caterpillar cloud server.
  • Results analysis: Your Cat dealer expert reviews and analyzes all inspection results and provides actionable service, maintenance and repair information focused on supporting the health, performance and reliability of your equipment.
  • Report access: Through VisionLink®, you can quickly and easily access all information and recommendations resulting from the inspections.

With regular Equipment Inspections, you’ll be able to conduct planned maintenance and carry out repairs before they lead to a major failure. In addition, with all inspection results stored electronically, you’ll have a comprehensive and easily accessible maintenance history on each piece of your equipment.

Protect Your Equipment With Carolina Cat

For well over 95 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with both world-class equipment and the services necessary to protect their investments. In the age of smart technology, we’ve only made that commitment stronger.

You rely on the performance of your fleet, and you can trust Carolina Cat to be there when you need the best service and support in the industry. To find out more about Equipment Inspections and our full line of Equipment Management Services, fill out our contact form or call 1-800-277-1212 today.