Monitor & Manage Productivity

You work hard to secure the best jobs for your crew and manage your assets and resources wisely. And at the end of the day, your success comes down to how productive you are. Yet how much information do you actually have at your disposal about your company’s productivity levels — from how much fuel your fleet is burning to how much work your operators accomplish with your equipment? What’s more: If you’re looking to start or strengthen your productivity management, where can you realistically begin this process?

Just like with any improvements you make to your business, having access to timely data you can trust along with professional insights geared toward the specific challenges you face will enable you to make changes that produce measurable results. Fortunately, with the combination of world-class Caterpillar® equipment and Cat® Productivity Services, you can get more than raw data — you gain access to a suite of services designed to help you better run, manage and maintain your equipment as well as organize and schedule your crews.

It all begins with Product Link™ technology that’s built into all new Cat equipment or retrofitted into older machines. With the data collected from your assets and automatically fed to a secure Cat cloud server, you can begin to take advantage of services like Productivity Monitoring.


Get Focused Expert Recommendations With Productivity Monitoring

From best maintenance practices to better crew and resource allocation, discovering areas to optimize your productivity can yield significant results for both your bottom line and your quality of work. Here’s how Productivity Monitoring works:

  • Data capture and transmission: Integrated and/or retrofitted equipment generates data such as fuel consumption, load carrying and idle time, which is then transmitted and collected via a Cat cloud server.
  • Site visit: A Cat dealer efficiency expert visits your jobsite to conduct a Benchmark Assessment that’s used to establish a baseline for making measurable improvements.
  • Performance analysis: Making use of Utilization Reporting, your Cat dealer professional analyzes your fleet’s data, performance and on-site configurations.
  • Report generation: Specific recommendations for maximizing your equipment’s productivity while minimizing your cost of ownership are made in the Productivity Monitoring report.

By taking the time to understand the conditions, regulations and management practices already in place at your jobsite, your Cat dealer consultant will be able to interpret your data so that each productivity recommendation made is a seamless fit for your productivity goals. Plus, whether it’s a change to how you service your equipment or a modification to how you schedule or train your operators, your Cat dealer can assist you in creating the right package of services to meet all your business’s needs.

Manage and Monitor your Productivity Better With Carolina Cat

When you have the best people, a fleet comprised of the best construction equipment and access to unparalleled customer service from Carolina Cat, there’s no need to settle for second best. Since 1926, we’ve been dedicated to helping businesses like yours succeed — and we’d be honored to help your company achieve greater results too.

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