How to Plan for Construction Site Power Outages in North Carolina

Posted on: March 25, 2024

A power outage can unexpectedly halt progress on your construction site at any time…and it’s more common than you may think. For example, from 2015 to 2019, North Carolina ranked sixth among all U.S. states for the longest average annual electrical outage duration.

It’s not uncommon for Duke Energy, the state’s largest electricity provider, to experience unexpected power outages you can view in real-time on their outage map.

A reliable backup plan is essential since you can’t always depend on the power grid to supply crucial electricity to your job sites. That’s why in Western North Carolina, dozens of construction companies, hospitals, and public institutions trust Carolina Cat Power Systems to keep operations up and running.

The Impact of Power Outages On North Carolina’s Construction Industry

Severe weather like thunderstorms, snowstorms, and even hurricanes can impact the entire state of North Carolina for weeks, so always have different contingency plans in place.

Regardless of the cause, even short blackout periods can derail your construction operation and timeline. You may be unable to run or recharge some of your equipment, including crucial signage or lighting that could pose significant operational and safety hazards.

To prepare for power outages caused by weather, we recommend building a storm preparedness plan that accounts for disruptions in the power supply for several hours at a time.

How to Prepare for a Construction Site Power Outage

Your preparation should begin with assessing the types of electric-powered construction equipment in your fleet, including equipment like:

  • Electric power tools and machines
  • Space heaters and HVAC equipment
  • Portable lighting poles and towers
  • Ventilation equipment like industrial fans
  • Large construction machinery that may require external power sources
  • Trailers and other structures that serve as office space or temporary housing

Download our free emergency generator plan—a checklist we provide Carolina Cat Power Systems customers to map out power requirements, identify emergency personnel, and more.

Choose an Appropriate Power Source

Be sure to select a reliable power source that can power your most essential equipment (and for an extended period of time if needed). Generators are a good choice as they are practical, dependable, and can operate a variety of fuel sources like diesel, natural gas, or propane.

Mobile trailer-mounted diesel generators are popular because they are easy to transport, quick to set up, and can be moved around as needed.

To meet your site’s unique electrical power requirements, you can find these towable generators in various sizes, configurations, and output capacities.

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Selecting a Generator for Your Construction Site

To select the right generator for your construction site, you’ll want to assess these factors carefully:

  • The size of the site and power requirements for equipment
  • The total number of units necessary for your project
  • The best locations for placing generators
  • How much cable you’ll need to connect generators to your equipment and where to run it
  • Fuel storage capabilities

We Offer a Wide Selection of Generators and Backup Power Solutions

Carolina Cat Power Systems is your one-stop source in Western North Carolina for high-performing Cat® generators you can rely on at your job sites. Choose from diesel, natural gas, and industrial options in multiple power output options.

You can also rent a range of mobile generator sets through Carolina Cat Power Systems to find a solution that works for your operation.

As a full-service power generation provider, we can assist with product selection, system configuration guidance, load bank testing, planned maintenance, and emergency service.

We also make financing power generation equipment easy, since you can use your existing Cat credit account if needed.

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