Has your Generator been tested?

Is your generator ready to handle any type of worksite need? Can it produce reliable power at rated voltage when your team needs it most? Power generators are a significant company investment and provide crucial performance, ensuring safety and efficiency during power outages and other emergencies. Regular load banking of your generators ensures you will have backup power, preventing unwanted loss of power and financial consequences.

Carolina Cat provides a variety of load banks for testing and maintenance purposes. Carolina Cat Power Systems technicians can utilize our load bank equipment at your facility to test and determine the condition and power capability of your emergency generator. You’ll have peace of mind that your building generator is capable of handling your electrical loads when needed.


What Is Load Bank Testing?

Load bank testing is a crucial maintenance task for your emergency power generators.

Engine generator sets are generally tested/exercised on a weekly basis, but this is performed with no load or a level that is less than the unit’s rated output capacity. During load bank testing, technicians test the proper loading of an emergency system and record the system’s overall condition and capacity.

This determines whether the generator will start and perform according to its full frequency and voltage during an emergency event. During load bank testing, the automatic switching is also tested.

Fail-Proof Your Support Equipment With Carolina Cat

If you rarely run your emergency generator or run it with little to no load, your equipment is more likely to experience problems. Light loads and minimal use can eventually cause carbon buildup in your exhaust system, combustion chambers, fuel nozzles and piston rings. This debris buildup can lead to increased oil and fuel consumption and poor engine performance.

Also, as the power generator engine ages, other potential damage from extreme weather, pests, and old components can impact the efficiency and performance of the generator. The use of a load bank test will help prevent these performance issues and determine overall equipment health.

Keep Your Emergency Generator Equipment in Top Condition With Carolina Cat Load Bank Testing

Carolina Cat is the premier Cat rental and servicing company throughout North Carolina. We offer resistive and reactive direct current load banks from 20 to 5000kW. Our products are portable and self-contained for easy on-site testing of your diesel generator.

With our comprehensive load bank testing solutions, we can keep your generators and emergency equipment in pristine condition so they work efficiently and reliably when you need them most to keep your business running smoothly. We’re also available for emergency repair services.

To learn more about our power generator load bank testing, call us today at 704-596-6700 to speak to a team member or complete our online contact form to schedule services or request more information.