Planned Maintenance

Carolina Cat is a full-service provider of repairs and maintenance for power equipment by Cat® and allied brands. Our technicians undergo a minimum 80 hours of training each year to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices for diagnosing problems with today’s power generation equipment.

We believe our obligation to our clients doesn’t end once you’ve purchased equipment from us. We’ll be around for the long term to ensure your important assets continue delivering the performance you require of them, shift after shift.

Planned Maintenance Services

Carolina Cat is fully equipped to provide planned maintenance for generators, switchgear, transfer switches, air compressors, temperature control systems and other equipment. Our services include:

  • Fluid sampling and analysis: Regular fluid sampling and analysis involves tracking the presence of trace elements in your oil and fuel. In doing so, we can detect contamination and predict when certain wearable components are due for replacement. Read more about the importance of fluid analysis to avoid major problems with your equipment.
  • Thermography: Thermal imaging provides an inside look at your generators and other mechanical and electrical equipment. It is fast, nondestructive and requires a minimal amount of downtime. Our technicians use thermography to diagnose problems and perform routine health checkups on critical system components.
  • Vibration analysis: Any equipment with a power-drive system is subject to vibrations. How a generator or air conditioner responds to continued vibrational exposure is indicative of its ability to perform reliably over the long term. Vibration analysis is a useful tool for identifying concerns early and avoiding unanticipated downtime.
  • Remote monitoring: Remote monitoring is a simple, cost-effective way of monitoring equipment performance over time. Our technicians can set up a program that tracks fuel use, energy output and other key metrics, providing you with monthly performance reports and other useful data. By establishing a productivity baseline and monitoring trends over time, you’ll gain insights that can help you get the most out of your power generation system.
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance: Electrical equipment such switchgear and transfer switches have unique maintenance needs that require specialized training to address. Our team includes professionals who are fully qualified to perform all necessary service.
  • Fuel polishing services: Fuel polishing entails the use of reverse oxidation to remove harmful contaminants from diesel fuel stored in tanks. One of our well-trained technicians will bring a mobile fuel polishing system to your facility to perform this essential and valuable process.

Whatever planned services you require, we’ll work around your schedule to minimize disruption while following all manufacturers’ guidelines.

Why Invest in Planned Maintenance?

Planned maintenance should be the cornerstone of your equipment management plan. A small investment in ongoing maintenance according to the manufacturer’s schedule can have immediate and long-term benefits for your gen sets, air conditioning and heating equipment, and other assets. Planned maintenance helps you:

  • Identify problems that can lead to downtime and schedule proactive repairs
  • Estimate and track wear on critical components, allowing you to get the most use out of expensive parts
  • Increase fuel efficiency and extend the life of critical equipment, leading to lower operating costs and fewer capital expenses
  • Trade the uncertainty of repairs for a fixed monthly cost that helps you budget more effectively

For more information about your planned maintenance options or to meet with a representative and have a customized plan put together for your power generation equipment, contact a Carolina Cat representative near you. With multiple locations throughout Western North Carolina, we are conveniently located for clients in Charlotte, Asheville and beyond.