Carolina Cat Power Systems Team Helps Local Venue Stay Up & Running for Event Day

Posted on: October 07, 2021

When you call Carolina Cat Power Systems for help, the whole team is ready to jump in and support your power needs. We recently assisted a customer that was having an issue with their backup electrical distribution system during a large event and was not able to identify the source of the issue. Because of the large scale of the event, they needed to ensure power supply for the specific section of the facility with an issue.

The first need was for backup power while the issue was diagnosed. Our rental team supplied a generator and fuel cube, and the service team tied in the generator to the facility’s electrical system. In collaboration with a local electrical contractor, our Power Products and Solutions team provided breaker testing while our service team was evaluating their permanent generators. The team was able to identify that there were no issues with the breakers or generators, and that the issue was with cable in the conduit. Our team has had a technician onsite during each event to ensure the smooth operation of the emergency power and prevent issues during the events.

The Carolina Cat Power Systems team is here for you day or night with solutions for your power needs.