Rent Cat Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Rental

Whether you’re looking to dig up parts of the neighborhood park for an upcoming remodeling contract or you’re planning to work on your backyard’s landscape, finding a backhoe equipment rental just got easier. At Carolina Cat, we have a wide selection of backhoe loaders at our North Carolina locations.

Our goal is to get you the cat backhoe loader rental you need quickly and efficiently to minimize your time away from the job site. Plus, there are benefits to renting over buying that can help grow your business without incurring high costs. We handle everything from helping you pick a backhoe loader rental to performing maintenance when you need it.


Why a Cat® Backhoe Loader Rental Is a Perfect Match for You

How many times have you been ready to start a new project only to be burdened by the cost of equipment? No matter if you’re planning a day-long adjustment or a month-long adventure, paying the premium price for the equipment you need to get the job done shouldn’t hold you back. At Caterpillar®, we keep our clients in mind by offering rental options for the best backhoe rentals around. Carolina Cat has multiple options for backhoe loaders for your upcoming landscaping, demolition and roadwork construction jobs.

Some additional benefits of renting a backhoe loader include:

  • Convenience: We have multiple locations throughout North Carolina to make it easy for you to find backhoe loaders for rent close to you.
  • Technical support: Carolina Cat is a full-service Cat dealer. We don’t stop at just giving you a backhoe equipment rental. We go the extra mile to make sure it’s working correctly and hitting its peak performance.
  • Flexibility: Do you need a rental for a few days or a few months? Our Cat backhoe loader rentals are flexible depending on how long you need the equipment. You can even swap it out if you find you need another tool or piece of heavy equipment.
  • Reduced operating costs: If you’re not ready to store and maintain a large fleet, renting is a great option for your business. We can even take care of transporting the rental to you.
  • Try out equipment: If you’re getting ready to expand your fleet but aren’t sure what model is right for you, a backhoe equipment rental is a great way to try out a specific piece of equipment before purchasing it.

Stop wasting time searching for backhoe equipment rentals and contact Alban Rents today. From the best selection of genuine Cat equipment for rent to full-service support, we offer everything your business needs to operate more efficiently.

A Backhoe Loader Has Everything You Need

If you’re looking for an easy solution to your landscaping needs, backhoes are the perfect option for you. Instead of wearing down the integrity of your current equipment, using a backhoe loader to assist you will save you any pain or frustration. Our Cat backhoe loaders allow you to reach the tough terrain levels that giant machines aren’t able to reach. The ACERT engine listed as a U.S. EPA Tier-IV provides industry-leading fuel efficiency, giving you the best and most pertinent use out of your backhoe. Once you rent a Cat backhoe loader, you’ll never think twice about potentially damaging your personal equipment again.

Renting is the Best Option for Your Construction Needs

You may be asking yourself, “How can I rent a backhoe loader near me?” We’re here to answer your question by inviting you into Carolina Cat. Our team is knowledgeable about the equipment we provide and the entire rental process. We’ll make sure your land is in good hands.

Perhaps your trusty equipment is currently being repaired or is being used by another contractor. If you need more power, renting a Cat backhoe is a reasonable backup plan. By renting your equipment before buying, you can try out how it feels and works for you. If you later decide to buy one to add to your personal collection, we’ll give you a discounted fee on your initial down payment.

Where to Find Backhoe Equipment Rentals Near You

We have multiple rental locations throughout North Carolina to help you find backhoe equipment rentals near you. You’ll find dedicated and knowledgable sales technicians ready to help you at each location:

  • Asheville
  • Charlotte – Main
  • Charlotte – North
  • Charlotte – South
  • DeepGap
  • Greensboro
  • Hickory
  • Monroe
  • Troy

Browse Our Backhoe Loader Rentals

If you need to find backhoe loaders for rent for your next job, come to Carolina Cat. We’ll walk you through which machine is right for your industry and application, then give you any service or maintenance you need to stay productive. Browse our inventory of backhoe loader rentals today and contact us for more information.