Aerial Equipment Rentals

Going up? No matter what type of aerial equipment you need in North Carolina, from a boom lift to a vertical personnel lift, you need equipment that’s safe and efficient, which is why we stock only the best aerial equipment rentals at Carolina Cat. With our extensive lineup of JLG, Genie and SkyJack lifts, you can trust your worksite is maximizing its safety and productivity.


Use the Power of Aerial Rental to Your Advantage

Adding aerial lift rental equipment to your fleet offers several benefits to your worksite, team and company, including:

  • Access new technology: New lifts come with features to boost fuel efficiency, ease of use and productivity. With your man, boom or scissor lift rental, you get access to the latest technology, which lets you deliver an even higher quality of work. And if you’re considering purchasing a lift, renting is a chance to preview its features and test its performance.
  • Lower equipment expenses: Owning your equipment comes with maintenance, storage and transportation costs. At Carolina CAT, our scissor, man and boom lift rentals come with none of those expenses. Our factory-trained technicians service every lift for you and we deliver and pick it up from your worksite.
  • Expand capabilities: Accept the projects you want by getting the construction lift equipment rentals you need. Our aerial equipment for rent lets you add the lifts you need without the long-term financial commitment.
  • Minimize downtime: Keep your worksite at maximum performance by substituting down lifts with rental ones. Using a man, boom or scissor lift rental, you can continue your work and reach your project deadline with ease and without the added expense of project delays.

With our lineup of portable lift rental equipment across North Carolina, you can do more while paying less.

Find the Aerial Lift Rental Equipment You Need

Whether you’re in the construction, warehousing, or industrial industry, you need an aerial rental that will help you work quickly and safely. When purchasing heavy machinery doesn’t make sense for your business or industry, renting is a great option to keep your costs low while still getting the benefits of greater productivity. Our boom lifts, scissor lifts and man lifts are from industry-leading manufacturers, and you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing safety.

From Dillsboro, NC, to Greensboro, NC, you’ll find the following types of aerial equipment for rent:

  • Boom lifts – When you look at a portable lift rental, a boom lift is an ideal choice. Our models boast impressive versatility and positioning capabilities. You can work and transport materials at elevated heights in both indoor and outdoor environments. Plus, certain models have easy operation pictograph controls, making it even simpler to position the boom lift.
  • Man lifts – Safety should be your priority when it comes to choosing aerial lift rental equipment. Our man lifts offer the highest level of safety whether you need a platform or a bucket at the end of the arm. With a man lift, you can move up and over objects while avoiding maintenance and storage costs that come with owning heavy equipment.
  • Scissor lifts – If you need an aerial rental that performs well for above-ground projects, a Cat scissor lift rental is the perfect option to fit both your job and budget. We carry a variety of different models that will help you increase your productivity and improve the safety of your workers and equipment.

Our JLG, Genie and SkyJack lifts come in various heights, reaches, platform sizes and load ratings so you can find the exact make and model you need. We can also help you compare equipment. That way, when you pick your aerial rental, you know it’s the best for the project.

Aerial Rental Equipment Near Me

When you need to find an aerial lift rental company, Carolina Cat has the locations you need to quickly find the aerial lift rental equipment you need. Our fast service ensures you can get the perfect boom lift, scissor lift or man lift for the job. Our rental equipment locations throughout North Carolina include:

  • Asheville
  • Charlotte – Main
  • Charlotte – North
  • Charlotte – South
  • DeepGap
  • Greensboro
  • Hickory
  • Monroe

Browse Our Aerial Equipment Rentals

For more than nine decades, we’ve committed ourselves to the needs of our customers throughout North Carolina, including Pineville, Newton and Charlotte, NC. That commitment has led to us providing comprehensive rental services that offer your worksite the flexibility, power and convenience of aerial rental equipment.

Discover what our aerial equipment for rent can do for you by contacting us today or by visiting one of our rental stores, which include locations in DeepGap, Monroe and Asheville, NC.