Utilization Reporting

As a responsible and successful business owner, you put a great deal of effort and planning into the effective running, organization and growth of your business. So why should you simply trust that your fleet’s performance is up to par and just hope for the best results on each major job or project that you undertake? If you’ve ever wondered how to maximize the productivity of your fleet, Cat Technology is here to give you a clarity that can revolutionize how you deploy and operate your assets.

At Carolina Cat, we’re much more than a heavy-duty equipment dealer. Ultimately, we’re in a partnership with our customers to support their successes. Without the continued productivity and profitability of our customers, we couldn’t be a trusted industry leader for over 95 years. That’s why, with recent technological innovations that collect and connect real-time data from all of our new construction equipment and can be retrofitted into many older models, we’re proud to announce the use of Cat technology to provide you with Productivity Services, including Utilization Reporting.

Instead of losing track of your equipment’s performance as soon as it’s out of your sight, imagine having regular and ongoing access to data that helps you better understand and execute everything from fuel consumption and vehicle speeds to load-carrying and scheduling. With Utilization Reporting, you can do all that and much more!


Seizing Opportunities With Utilization Reporting

With remote access to your fleet’s data, you can quickly access and assess performance by shift, workday, project or in aggregate. The feedback we’ve received from customers who employ Utilization Reporting shows that many are surprised by previously unseen trends and patterns that — through better equipment use — result in significant savings and improved resource management.

While results will partially depend on machine models and installed Product Link™ devices, Utilization Reporting works as follows:

  • Fleet data collection: With smart technology built into your fleet, all assets will automatically report performance data to our Caterpillar® cloud server.
  • Sorting and prioritizing utilization data: With the help of VisionLink®, your fleet’s data will be unlocked and prioritized according to selected utilization categories.
  • Configuring and accessing reports: You can choose the frequency and level of detail of the reports you wish to receive weekly, monthly or through an API feed.

With the reports you receive, Utilization Reporting can give you insights into the amount of fuel you’re burning, idle times, run times, vehicle speeds, payloads, time spent on each task and much more.

Monitor Your Fleet’s Performance With Carolina Cat

Since 1926, we’ve been providing our customers with not only world-class equipment but also unparalleled service to help them get the most out of their investments. And why should the age of smart technology be any different?

You can rely on Carolina Cat to supply you with cutting-edge technology and support to keep your business competitive, efficient and successful. To learn more about Utilization Reporting and the rest of our Productivity Services, fill out our contact form or call 1-800-277-1212 today.