Site Efficiency Training

Well before the time you bid on a project, you’re probably already planning, budgeting and thinking of ways to complete that job in a timely, efficient and ultimately profitable manner. So how much training do you regularly offer your supervisors to ensure your worksite runs as smoothly as it can? And what type of tools do you supply your supervisors and operators with to support their on-the-job efficiency?

Naturally, being in charge of any company requires drive and vision. But especially in the construction industry — or any organization that relies on human talent working in unison with heavy-duty equipment — the added costs resulting from inefficiencies and bottlenecks can be devastating to your bottom line. For this reason, Cat® Productivity Services were developed with the latest technologies to help companies like yours achieve more through better resource management and employee training.

Imagine there was a way to customize training for your supervisors so that they were able to recognize holdups and productivity issues before problems occur and take appropriate measures to keep equipment and personnel moving at optimum speeds. Well, now there is — with Caterpillar® Site Efficiency Training offered as part of our suite of Productivity Services.


How Site Efficiency Training Pays Off

If you’ve ever wanted help in running a more efficient operation, Site Efficiency Training is exactly the support you need your supervisors to have. As a prerequisite to this training, you’ll want your supervisory personnel to have access to at least one Benchmark Assessment produced in conjunction with the Cat Inspect app.

To help supervisors better comprehend and utilize the tools and processes needed to optimize their worksite, Site Efficiency Training is a tailored curriculum that’s specifically designed to have the maximum payoff for your site’s challenges and the levels of experience of your supervisors. Here’s how it works:

  • A Benchmark Assessment is performed: A Caterpillar or Cat dealer specialist creates a baseline from which to measure improvements by conducting a Benchmark Assessment.
  • The training curriculum is tailored: Based on your individual goals, the results of the Benchmark Assessment and your supervisors’ levels of experience, the training curriculum is custom-tailored to have the biggest impact on your personnel and overall worksite.
  • A location is chosen: You have the freedom to determine whether the training will occur at your site or at a designated Cat Demonstration and Learning Center.
  • A specialist delivers the training: The training is delivered by a Caterpillar or Cat dealer specialist who possesses a deep understanding of the specific challenges your supervisors face as well as the tools they can use to overcome those challenges.

At the conclusion of the training, your supervisors and operators will be better equipped to seize opportunities for optimal site performance, including equipment productivity, fuel efficiency, operational optimization, worksite safety and more.

Increase Your Efficiency With Carolina Cat

Whether you’re looking to make better use of your resources, improve the knowledge base of your supervisors or both, Carolina Cat is here to help you every step of the way. We’ve been providing world-class equipment and service for over 95 years — and we’d be honored to assist your business.

Learn more about Site Efficiency Training, as well as the rest of our Productivity Services, by filling out our contact form or calling 1-800-277-1212.