How Often Should You Monitor Your Truck’s Transmission?

Posted on: November 24, 2021

Keeping truck transmissions functioning properly is vital for the overall productivity of your business. Your fleet vehicles will be safer for operators and others on the road, and your machinery benefits from a longer life span. From medium-duty trucks to semi-trucks, you need to monitor transmissions of every type at each recommended service interval and through operational inspections.

To ensure your equipment is in prime working condition, commit yourself to regular observation and understand your options for service and repair.

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Servicing Options

Stay on top of the health of your truck’s transmission by treating it to routine planned maintenance. When repair is a necessity, discover ways to restore performance and continue driving your business growth.

Preventative Maintenance Techniques

The first step in your on-highway truck transmission check is being proactive with equipment maintenance to save time and money. Prevent unexpected repairs and maintain uptime by routinely scheduling service following manufacturer recommendations. Under a planned maintenance program, expect the following components:

  • Changing the transmission fluid and filter: Transmission fluid degrades over time and with usage, losing its ability to regulate temperature and lubrication. Replacing broken-down fluid with new prevents overheating and excessive wear and tear that can take equipment out of service. Filters prevent shavings and other debris from entering your transmission’s gears to boost performance, so clogged filters should be replaced to allow proper transmission lubrication.
  • Keeping up the air systems: Be sure to bleed air tanks for liquids and inspect coalescer filters on manual-shift trucks, as these transmissions depend on air quality for peak performance.
  • Conducting daily inspections: Leaks are often one of the first indicators that your transmission is experiencing an issue. Examine the ground beneath equipment and around bearing covers and shafts to catch minor issues before they lead to larger problems. 
  • Watching the temperatures: Overheating is a primary cause of transmission failure. Many factors trigger overheating, from oil viscosity to ambient temperatures. Heavy-duty trucks are more susceptible due to their increased horsepower and larger loads. Monitor transmission temperatures carefully during periods of prolonged use and extreme heat.


Parts Installation and Replacements

The advanced technology in use today can diagnose many transmission issues. Depending on the type of repair, you may need one component or an entire transmission replacement. Quickly getting your equipment back out in the field is vital to your profitability, so seek out certified and reputable dealer technicians with the expertise and parts access required to get your wheels rolling again.

Rebuilt and Remanufactured Transmissions

Rebuilt and remanufactured transmissions are cost-effective alternatives for replacement in the right circumstances.

During a rebuild, a certified service technician dismantles your truck’s existing transmission. They will clean parts and replace those that are no longer functional before reassembling the transmission with new gaskets and seals. The process can prolong your truck’s life span at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

A remanufactured, also known as a reman, transmission is similar, except the rebuilding process takes place beforehand on a compatible unit. These components undergo the same restoration processes in a factory to return them to original equipment specifications for quality and performance. Since remans are readily available in the secondary market, installation is quick.

Work With a Trusted Partner for Your Transmission Servicing and Repair

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