New Technologies in the Trucking Industry

Posted on: June 22, 2021

Truck Preventatigve Maintenance

Trucking is a constantly evolving industry. Engineers and developers are always creating, testing and releasing new technologies for semi-trucks to improve fleet efficiency and performance. It’s more important than ever to make the right investment and equip your trucks with the best tech to keep up with the competition. Here are some of the latest new technologies in the trucking industry to keep an eye on.

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Autonomous Vehicles

The idea of self-driving vehicles has taken the tech world by storm over the last several years. The trucking industry is no exception. Auto manufacturers have developed autonomous prototypes and begun testing on roads and highways. While self-driving trucks are still a long way off from widespread commercial adoption, interest is growing as engineers improve AI technology with self-driving capabilities. Autonomous technology in semi-trucks could address the current driver shortages and high turnover rates threatening the industry.

Collision Mitigation Technology

Everyone is familiar with the dangers of the trucking industry. That’s why collision mitigation software is currently one of the fastest-growing types of technology in semi-trucks. Collision mitigation uses various systems like radar, video and sensors to monitor and minimize risks on the road in real time. Live obstacle detection and other resources collect and use data to alert drivers of potential hazards, preventing accidents and other issues.

Collision mitigation technology in semi-trucks protects both drivers and the public. Investing in preventative tech can also help you keep your fleet on the road and avoid repair, delay or litigation costs.

Electronic Logging Devices

Federal law now requires all interstate trucks to use electronic logging devices (EDLs). In addition to being necessary for compliance, these devices are innovative pieces of technology that can help your fleet stand out against competitors. EDLs track and record your drivers’ hours to ensure compliance with regulations. While it may seem like a limitation, new semi-truck technology like EDLs can increase productivity, improve drivers’ lives and make the roads safer for everyone.

Dynamic Routing

Much of the new technology in the trucking industry focuses on route optimization. With dynamic routing technology, innovative hardware and software work together to collect real-time data and determine the best possible path for any delivery. These systems help drivers avoid unnecessary roads and conserve fuel. Automatic optimization means that routes are flexible and take weather, traffic or other real-world obstacles into account. Dynamic routing leads to day-to-day improvements as well as long-term advantages when it comes to transporting your haul.

Trailer Tracking

Trailer tracking systems are another of the new technologies that have changed the trucking industry in recent years. GPS tracking is a highly effective loss prevention strategy. In addition to curbing theft, trailer tracking allows you to collect, store and analyze electronic data related to your fleet and assets. Shippers want to work with well-equipped carriers. Take advantage of tracking technology to streamline your record-keeping system and prove your value.

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