Top 5 RV & Motorhome Maintenance Tips

Posted on: September 25, 2020

Owning a motorhome is an investment. To keep your investment’s value high and avoid costly repairs, it’s crucial to follow a planned maintenance schedule. Wondering where to begin? These RV maintenance tips will help you keep your vehicle running for the long haul in the best condition possible.

1. Change Your Oil and Oil Filters Frequently

While your RV might feel like home, don’t forget to treat it like a vehicle. Just like a car, motorhomes require regular oil and filter changes in order to keep running smoothly. Generally, you should think about an oil change every 3,000 miles, but this number may differ depending on your specific vehicle.

2. Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

One of the most important motorhome maintenance tips to keep in mind is to prioritize regular maintenance. It’s always better to catch and prevent an issue before it has a chance to get worse — and maintenance checks are the best way to stay on top of any problems. Service your RV regularly to avoid an expensive repair or replacement down the road.

3. Replace Filters, Fuel and Coolant Every Season

Each season, take the time to replace all of your filters — including air, fuel, coolant and hydraulic. This motorhome maintenance trick will keep your vehicle fresh and help prevent overheating or unnecessary wear and tear.

4. Have Your Brakes Professionally Checked

Having a mechanic check your brakes is essential to keeping you safe on the road. Check every detail, from the wheel bearings to any wear and tear, and replace your brakes as often as needed.

5. Protect Your Tires

Your tires should be inspected before every trip, no matter how far the destination. Check your tire pressure, tighten your lug nuts and cover your tires when you’re parking for an extended period of time.

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