Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is one of the most effective ways to keep operating costs under control. But equipment maintenance is just one of your responsibilities — and if not managed effectively, it can keep you away from other business functions.

This is why we will work to create an agreement that places responsibility for planned maintenance with our factory-trained technicians and qualified service professionals. In our shop or on your job site, all services are performed to factory specifications helping you minimize downtime and lower operating costs.


Benefits of Planned Maintenance

There’s no argument that planned maintenance can keep your operating costs down. But do you know why that is? Many factors come into play that make regular inspection and on-time maintenance the key to protecting your investment. When you trust our team here at Carolina CAT to take care of planned maintenance, you’ll know we’re doing more than changing oil.

  • Our comprehensive inspection reports allow us to identify safety concerns and predict equipment wear that can lead to larger issues and costly downtime
  • We work with your schedule to complete PM Services in a timely manner so you can maximize your up-time and productivity
  • We ensure more reliable equipment with a service history that increases value at trade-in time
  • Our SOS Fluid Analysis program can detect internal component issues before they become system failures. Often these issues can be corrected by increasing oil change intervals and monitoring the compartment

Combining all of these maintenance factors allows us to create a machine planned maintenance template that matches your fleet, the number of hours you work and the type of work you do. No two construction outfits work at the same pace or in the exact same conditions, so the same maintenance plan doesn’t always work for everyone. Our team can create a custom maintenance plan that suits your business needs and keeps your fleet in good shape for many more hours of reliable service.

Extend Your Machine Life

Extending the life of your construction equipment is about more than money, however. While the savings you can expect following an effective equipment maintenance program are considerable, you also reap the rewards in terms of:

  • Quality: Deliver better quality to your customers thanks to equipment performing at 100% of its capability
  • Safety: Properly-maintained equipment is less prone to failure, which can result in safety concerns
  • Scheduling: Avoiding breakdowns helps you stick to a schedule and finish your jobs on time

It’s easy to see why more and more businesses are trusting Carolina CAT to take care of their construction equipment maintenance. If you haven’t started, contact our team for more information or to get more details on our planned maintenance program. We will analyze your fleet and maintenance history and set you up with a maintenance plan that helps you save money and take advantage of the other benefits of staying on top of your equipment maintenance, instead of waiting for something to go wrong.

Get to Know Your Machines

Another great advantage of subscribing to our planned maintenance program is it helps you get to know your equipment better. Through regular inspections and monitoring, we can track the life-cycle of your equipment and come to predict the need for certain service and repair jobs. Our experience with the maintenance of Cat equipment allows us to extrapolate your wear and fluid analysis results to plan minor and major service visits.

Knowing your machines can also help you adjust how you use them to extend life. If we detect abnormal wear, for example, it may be a sign that you are using your equipment incorrectly or that you need to use a different machine for the job. Getting to know your equipment is the best way to extend the life of your fleet and avoid costly repairs due to misuse or insufficient service and maintenance. Our tracking of your construction equipment maintenance also gives you a history on your machine that can add value if you decide to sell or trade your equipment at a later date.

We often have gut feelings with our machines and can detect when they aren’t operating properly. Let our team here at Carolina CAT take it a step further and offer valuable equipment condition insight that takes away the guesswork and ensures consistent and reliable maintenance at all times.

Customer Value Agreements (CVA)

Agreements are tailored to fit your business needs and can range from simple Planned Maintenance Kits to sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees. No matter which option you choose, you can be assured that Carolina Cat will provide you with careful planning and ongoing attention that will help you maximize productivity and minimize costs. Let us track machine hours and schedule PM services for all your equipment so you can focus on running your business.

Regardless of machine size, age or its application you need to make sure that it works efficiently and has the lowest operating cost possible. That’s why our Customer Value Agreements are available for your existing fleet and used equipment, including Caterpillar and all other major brands. Even Certified or dealer rebuild machines can be covered.

Contact your local Carolina Cat CVA Representative, David Henson today at (336) 323-5358 for more information on Customer Value Agreements and learn how Planned Maintenance can help your business.