5 Ways to Prepare Your Heavy Equipment for Summer

Posted on: June 10, 2022

Running heavy equipment in the summer requires the right maintenance practices to consistently get the best performance out of it. If you’re gearing up for summer operations, keep these heavy equipment summer maintenance tips in mind to help protect your machinery on the job.

1. Prepare With Proactive Summer Equipment Maintenance

When you’re getting your equipment ready for higher temperatures, checking over critical components is essential. Before the summer months arrive, take time to inspect for any damage or wear and tear on your engine and key mechanisms. Inspect your fluid levels and check that tire pressure is optimal.

It’s also essential to grease all necessary parts to help protect them in demanding operating conditions. You’ll want to plan for increased lubrication frequency during hot weather because the grease will thin out faster.

2. Protect Equipment From Extreme Heat

Keep your equipment out of the sun and avoid operating in extreme heat whenever possible. Store each piece in a cooler, shaded area, and pay attention to your displays when you’re working outside. If your equipment shows signs of overheating or being overworked, take a break to ensure it can continue operating effectively.

3. Run A/C Properly During Operating Hours

One common issue that can affect your equipment’s performance is operating with the air conditioner running and the windows down at the same time. This practice can put unnecessary strain on the A/C system, so keep windows and doors closed while using the air conditioning.

4. Give Your Equipment Time to Cool Down

High temperatures make your equipment work harder during the day, so give it time to cool down at the end of the workday. Letting your engine idle for a few minutes before you fully shut down the machine can help it cool off and transition to sitting idle. When you phase shutdown, you can help protect the turbocharger and other key engine components.

5. Inspect and Clean Your Cooling System

Ensuring your cooling system works optimally is one of the best ways to protect equipment from heat damage. One best practice is to carefully check your cooling system before the summer season starts. Look for any corrosion or damage that could impede functionality, flush and replace your coolant yearly, and ensure your radiator is clean.

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