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Weiler Forestry was formed in 2019 to purchase the purpose-built forestry division of Caterpillar. Weiler Forestry manufactures an expanding line of forest products through facilities located in LaGrange, Georgia, Smithfield, North Carolina and Auburn, Alabama. Weiler Forestry will design and manufacture purpose-built forestry products, which will continue to be available through the Cat dealer network, providing customers with the same outstanding sales and service support they’ve come to expect.


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Knuckleboom loaders have booms designed for forestry applications. These booms easily grasp logs and have swinging capabilities that make them ideal for forestry applications. Smooth, consistent responses let operators have full control over the machine’s movements. Fast hydraulics give Weiler knuckleboom loaders added agility. We have two rugged, trailer-mounted models available for maximum efficiency.

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Once you’ve felled the designated trees, your crew has to move them to a landing site. Wheel skidders are heavy vehicles that pull logs from the forest. Weiler’s version has a refined electrical system for added reliability. Improved axles and an updated transmission give Weiler Forestry wheel skidders an upper hand over competing equipment. These wheel skidders offer operators immense pulling power and incredible clamping force.

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Track feller bunchers grasp and cut trees. Weiler Forestry track feller bunchers have excellent stability on loose, sloping and wet terrain. These models have full reach capabilities with industry-leading lift capacity. These machines are available in both reduced and full tail swing configurations. Depending on your crew’s applications, you can choose between tilting and non-tilting equipment. Robust undercarriages prepare Weiler track feller bunchers for demanding work and challenging applications.

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Like their tracked counterparts, wheel feller bunchers gather and cut trees. Wheel fellers have impressive agility, making them innovative solutions to your operations’ productivity. Weiler Forestry’s wheel feller bunchers have a low center of gravity for the stability needed to carry larger loads. Improve your crew’s efficiency without sacrificing safety by making fewer trips between loads of felled trees. The B570’s 19.4-inch ground clearance and the B670’s 24.3-inch ground clearance make both models ideal for uneven terrain.

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What Does It Mean to be “Purpose-Built?”

At Caterpillar, we know that your industry comes with a host of unique challenges. That’s why dealers like Carolina Cat offer machines designed for your applications. The equipment you buy from us takes your most daunting tasks and makes completing them as efficient as the rest of your crew’s daily operations. We know our clients, and we know your needs. Weiler Forestry continues the Caterpillar legacy of creating the best machines for your job site.

Using a purpose-built machine changes the way you work. Instead of just making do, your operators can enjoy optimized equipment. Weiler Forestry designs your forestry equipment to grab logs and traverse uneven terrain effortlessly. With purpose-built machinery, you’ll maximize your crew’s productivity.

Carolina Cat and Weiler Forestry Products

As a licensed Caterpillar dealer, Carolina Cat fiercely adheres to our brand standards. Our company values equipment that keeps owning and operating costs low over the machine’s lifespan, so we carry the most reputable products available. These machines perform well over years of heavy use in demanding environments. Carolina Cat is proud to offer our clients access to Weiler Forestry products.

Our clients choose Weiler machines because they offer numerous appealing features and a legacy of quality:

  • Reliability: Weiler Forestry manufactures stable and durable equipment. In the forestry industry, those qualities are indispensable. Increased safety over a long lifespan makes Weiler Forestry machines valuable assets. 
  • Serviceability: Various compartments and access points make Weiler equipment easily serviceable. With their efficient design, limited debris enters the machines, so your service providers will spend less time cleaning and be able to maintain and prepare your equipment as efficiently as possible. Shorter downtimes mean your operations remain consistent and productive. 
  • Versatility: Optimized power, agility and fuel efficiency make Weiler Forestry products versatile solutions to your daily operations. As the market fluctuates, your Weiler equipment retains its value because it has several applications.
  • Operator comfort: Spacious cabs, well-made seats and various safety measures encourage operator comfort. Your crew will perform better over long shifts when you choose Weiler Forestry equipment through Carolina Cat.

Weiler Forestry designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of forestry machines. The Cat® dealer network distributes this equipment to our clients. The Weiler Forestry machines available from Carolina Cat include knuckleboom loaders, track feller bunchers, wheel feller bunchers and wheel skidders.

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Cat equipment is the industry standard in various specialized fields. Carolina Cat is North Carolina’s source for reputable forestry products, and we’re proud to maintain a relationship with Weiler Forestry that lets us provide the same trusted level of machinery to clients in this demanding industry. Browse our selection of new Weiler Forestry equipment for sale today to see what we have available.

Contact the team at Carolina Cat for more information about Weiler Forestry equipment. You can also visit us at one of our locations.