40 ft
500 lb
7 ft 6 in
31 ft 8 in


Genie® S®-40 Lifts for Rent

If you have work or maintenance that you need to perform high above the ground, an S®-40 boom lift will help you get it done quickly and safely. These rugged machines are perfect for construction, maintenance and industrial applications, comply with the latest emissions standards and feature fuel-efficient engines to keep your operating costs down.

Lift specifications include:

Boom Lift Rentals You Can Use in Tight Spaces

S®-40 boom lifts are perfect if you have a challenging job site to navigate. You can position the basket for optimal visibility, and the controls allow for quick and precise adjustments to move into tight spots fast without causing damage.

The S®-40 is capable of operating on both smooth and rough terrain. An option to switch between 2WD and 4WD makes it easy to tackle sand, mud, gravel, dirt and uneven surfaces, and a patented traction-adjustment system ensures all four tires maintain equal engagement.

Set up a Genie® S®-40 Lease or Rental Today

An S®-40 4WD lease or rental is an excellent way to increase your capabilities without putting the money down for a purchase. Plus, you’ll have our support every step of the way. Stop by your nearest Carolina Cat rental location to meet our team and see the fleet in person.

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