5 Considerations When Purchasing Hoses and Couplings for Your Heavy Equipment

Posted on: October 12, 2022

Buying the correct hose and couplings is crucial to equipment performance, but budgets, project timelines and the variety of products available can make it challenging to decide which components are best for your machine. Consider these factors when reviewing your options.

1. Product Dependability

Every manufacturer makes their hoses and couplings with different materials and quality standards, so not all parts are the same. With Cat® hoses and couplings, you can trust your investments to work longer and stronger. Caterpillar manufactures heavy equipment hoses and couplings specifically for Cat machinery, using superior materials and completing rigorous testing to ensure dependability.

2. Hose Material

Your hose must be compatible with the type of hydraulic fluid you use, as the fluid’s viscosity can affect the hose assembly’s performance and life span. Low-viscosity oils have small molecules that can become trapped between the hose and cover if the hose isn’t rated for these formulas. To prevent this and other performance problems, these oils require a different hose material than high-viscosity fluids.

3. Variation in Hose and Cover Quality

Hose covers offer protection in rough conditions. They’re available at several levels, with cost and performance differences at each level. Though using a standard hose with a premium cover would cut costs on the overall assembly, this variation would not be advantageous since the two would have different life spans.

4. Hose Size

The correct hose size — the inside diameter — for the application reduces pressure loss, helps prevent hose damage, minimizes turbulence, lasts longer and takes up less space. Follow manufacturer recommendations for size to ensure the best performance and keep your warranty valid.

5. Manufacturer Support

Getting all your hose components from the same manufacturer is the best practice, as these parts are designed to work together to improve uptime and reduce maintenance costs. Parts from different producers may be incompatible, causing safety issues. Many manufacturers offer a warranty for hose assemblies using only their branded parts, so you’d also gain warranty protection by going this route.

Get Hoses and Couplings for Heavy Equipment at Carolina Cat®

At Carolina Cat, we understand that heavy equipment hoses and couplings are crucial for efficient operation. With our hose and coupling parts and services, you can get these assemblies installed in our hose shop for a competitive price. Our technicians have been trained in hose installation and use genuine, long-lasting Cat products to help your equipment spend more time in the field.

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