5 Heavy Equipment Rental Tips

Posted on: July 03, 2023

From saving costs to adding diversity to your fleet, renting heavy equipment can greatly benefit your operation. Understanding a few best practices can streamline your rental experience and ensure you get the right machines for your unique applications.

We are sharing some tips to help make the equipment rental process easy.

1. Assess What You Need

Before renting, assess your upcoming project needs. Consider factors like what attachments you might need and which equipment sizes are most suitable for your job site.

You want to make the most of the heavy equipment rental rates you pay, and choosing the wrong machines can cost your operation valuable time and money.

2. Plan Ahead

Having an accurate timeline for your project is crucial when considering renting equipment. If you over- or underestimate how long you’ll need the machine, you’ll pay extra, so ensure you have a clear idea of your project timeline.

Be sure to reserve your equipment in advance to help you avoid dealing with delays or unavailability. Instead of waiting until the last minute to place your order, inquire about the machinery you’ll need as soon as possible.

3. Coordinate Transportation

In many cases, the company you rent heavy equipment from will deliver the machine directly to your job site. They’ll also pick it up when the rental period concludes. However, certain jobs may have additional transportation requirements that you will be responsible for.

Consider your transportation needs before securing your rental equipment. If you do not have a truck readily available, you may have to coordinate a rental for hauling the machine.

4. Plan for Training

If you plan to rent equipment that your team is unfamiliar with, you’ll need to consider training to ensure proper operations and safety practices.

Proper training will help you minimize unnecessary and costly downtime. This step prevents wasted time with your rental equipment, so planning for equipment instruction can be very beneficial.

5. Ask Questions

One of the best things you can do when renting heavy equipment is to ask questions.

Ensure you have all the information you’ll need about construction equipment rental prices and additional fees. Some other important questions you might want to ask include:

  • How much does it cost to rent heavy equipment for my project timeline?
  • What is the billing policy?
  • How does the maintenance schedule work?
  • What are your working hours, and when can I reach out with questions or concerns?
  • What are the delivery and pickup times?
  • Is there a cancellation or returns policy?

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