A Simple Guide to Construction Equipment Attachments

Posted on: April 08, 2024

Construction Equipment Attachments Featured Image.
Looking for the most optimal method to dig, load, push, or transport materials? You may need an attachment! If you use skid steers, excavators, or compact track loaders, attachments can help you get the most out of your investment by expanding its capabilities.

Since you can perform several functions with one piece of equipment, attachments can boost productivity and eliminate the need to source a dedicated piece for certain jobs. While many machines are compatible with attachments, they’re frequently used with excavators, skid steer loaders, and compact track loaders.

In this guide, we’ll break down these heavy equipment attachments and what each is ideal for.

Common Types of Excavator Attachments

There are many excavator attachment types, from light-duty attachments designed for mini excavators to large buckets designed to move heavy rocks. It’s a good idea to have several excavator attachments available in different sizes for your entire fleet, but you can also rent attachments for certain projects.

Here are a few types of attachments to become familiar with.

image of auger attachment.


  • Perfect for drilling holes for trees or posts
  • Can withstand heavy repeated use
  • Available in various sizes and configurations

An auger enables you to drill precise holes for installing fence posts, foundation footings, trees and shrubs. They are designed to penetrate earthen materials and withstand the rigors of heavy, repeated use.



  • Great for demolition, construction, and quarry needs
  • Multiple sizes available for skid steers, backhoes and excavators
  • Rated by energy class, sound suppression, max blows per minute

Hammers are ideal for demolition applications because they can quickly and efficiently break up concrete structures or asphalt sidewalks. You can also use hammer attachments on skid steers, and they are handy whenever removing concrete, rock, pavement, or other hard surfaces on a job site.

ripper attachment.


  • Available for light duty and heavy duty tasks
  • Easy to swap on and off
  • Cost-effective compared to blasting

A ripper attachment—sometimes called a ripper hook or tooth—is commonly used to dislodge tree roots, buried rocks, and other trapped objects.

Rippers can include one or more heavy-duty tines or shanks for digging and are sometimes used for shallow trenching applications.

Dual Lock Manual Coupler.


  • Choose between quick couplers and hydraulic couplers
  • Ideal for excavators or loaders
  • Essential for quick attachment swaps

Couplers are among the most practical accessories for heavy equipment because they allow operators to change attachments in seconds using a pin and lock mechanism. For Cat® machines, couplers include primary and secondary locking mechanisms to ensure what is attached stays attached.

You can find both hydraulic couplers (controlled inside in the cab) and mechanical couplers for excavators.

Tilt rotator.

Tilt Rotators

  • Complete 360-degree rotation
  • Available for excavators & mini-excavators
  • Ideal for landscaping and confined spaces

Tilt rotators help you easily spread material or backfill around corners or edges without repositioning a machine for landscaping and many other construction use cases.

You can use tilt rotators with various attachments to dig sideways and easily maneuver attachments in tight spaces, which can reduce wear and tear on a machine over time.

Common Types of Attachments for Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders

While some attachment types are found on many different types of heavy equipment, here are a few you’ll commonly see on skid steers or compact track loaders.

standard flow mulcher 100m.


  • Ideal for foliage removal and light shredding
  • Dual hydraulic doors to minimize debris
  • Integrated stand for easy removal and storage

In forestry or landscaping, a mulcher attachment is ideal for land clearing and promoting soil stabilization. Since mulcher attachments can clear small trees and brush, they’re often ideal for tight areas and in thick brush where mowers may be unsuitable.

Broom Attachment


  • Available in both hydraulic and manual versions
  • Pickup brooms deposit materials into integrated hopper
  • Designed for skid steers, compact track and wheel loaders, and more

A broom attachment enables skid steers to clear debris on flat surfaces like parking lots, driveways, or warehouse floors. Brooms are ideal for ongoing maintenance anywhere debris needs to be cleared, especially for large, paved surfaces where grass, leaves, or small rocks are present.

Fork attachment for compact machines.


  • Choose forks for pallets, or grabble and utility forks
  • Specialized pipe and pole forks available
  • Perfect for occasional lifting tasks

A fork attachment is one of the most versatile attachments that can assist with many material handling jobs. You can transport palletized goods in warehouses, lumberyards, storehouses, or loading docks by converting your skid steer into a forklift.

Keep in mind that fork attachments are ideal for light jobs; a forklift should be used for stacking high or for use cases requiring heavy lifting capacity.

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