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Carolina Cat Training Center in Charlotte, NC

Providing proper training for your operating crew and company technicians can be the ultimate cost-saving and efficient way to keep your projects moving in the right direction. At Carolina Cat, we are happy to provide training opportunities for your company to ensure everyone is getting the job done right and safely. Our training center neighbors our main campus building on Statesville Rd., with an entrance facing the W W.T. Harris Blvd.

All classes are available by request. Request a seat for you and your crew below.

Operator Training

Your operators are the key to a job well done. At Carolina Cat, we have the tools and experience to guide your operators to success when operating your equipment. With a tenured staff, we provide the classroom knowledge and hands-on training your operators need to more efficiently take on jobsite projects..

When you partner with our training staff, you can ensure your operators are getting a full overview of how to operate equipment, as well as instilling safety precautions in everyday operating practices. Carolina Cat is committed to making sure your crew stays safe while operating both compact and large equipment day in and day out. It’s a priority that not only does the job get done, but everyone gets home safely.

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Technician Training

At our training center, we offer technician training in a classroom setting with hands-on demonstrations and walk-throughs for various areas of your machine’s engine. We cover material such as hydraulics, electronic applications, principles of air conditioning, failure analysis and more.

Learning about your machine inside and out and no small detail. Technicians are what keep our machines running and moving your projects from beginning to end, so Carolina Cat is prioritizing sharing our knowledge in servicing your machine and avoiding idle time.

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Technology Training

As the world of construction technology continues to change, Carolina Cat provides in-depth technology training as your trusted partner in your success to help you stay ahead of the curve.

With our partners at SITECH Horizon, we provide instruction on how to use and utilize and manage Trimble software so your crew stays on task and within budget on and off the jobsite. Join us for our next training session to learn more about platforms like Trimble Business Center, Earthworks, Siteworks, and more.

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Safety Training

At the end of every day, we want all employees and customers to go home safely to friends and family—that’s why we discuss safety in each and every Carolina Cat training opportunity we offer.

In all operator, technician, and technology discussions, safety will be instilled as a best practice as your employees learn more about how to be better crew members on the jobsite. Whether they are in the cab, in the bays, or standing static on the jobsite, they will be trained to be mindful of their surroundings at all times.