Benefits of Buying Cat® Certified Used Equipment

Posted on: August 24, 2020

Construction companies and other operations that rely on heavy equipment are always looking for ways to stay competitive. If your North Carolina business needs to cut equipment costs without cutting corners on quality, Carolina Cat has the solution. We offer a wide assortment of Cat Certified Used products that provide a more budget-friendly alternative to new machines. They’ll also meet your performance, reliability and productivity expectations.

What Is Cat Certified Used Equipment?

Our fleet of certified used Cat equipment consists of relatively new, lightly used products from Caterpillar® that we offer for sale at reduced prices. Each model undergoes a rigorous inspection process performed by our factory-trained service technicians who make any necessary upgrades to restore it to like-new condition. The updated equipment must meet stringent Caterpillar standards to become certified.

To certify a piece of equipment, we do the following:

  • Choose a lightly used Cat machine
  • File an initial assessment report
  • Determine the machine’s eligibility for certification
  • Execute all the regularly scheduled planned maintenance steps
  • Replace any worn or broken parts or components with new genuine Cat products
  • Perform any other services required to restore the machine to peak operating condition
  • Complete a final inspection report
  • Issue a Cat Certified Used certificate
  • Provide a Caterpillar warranty
  • Add the newly certified model to our inventory of used equipment for sale

What Are the Benefits of Cat Certified Used Equipment?

The numerous Cat Certified Used equipment benefits include:

  • Reduced costs. Perhaps the most obvious advantage of buying a certified used model is the lower price tag — you could save thousands of dollars over the cost of a comparable new product.
  • Return on investment (ROI). As our certified models have minimal service hours and many new parts and components, you can expect years of reliable service and an excellent long-term return on your investment.
  • No waiting. When buying a new piece of equipment, you often must order it in advance from the dealer and wait for it to arrive. Our certified used products are available for immediate purchase, which saves time and keeps your projects on schedule.
  • Warranty protection. Cat Certified Used models come with an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) that provides extended coverage beyond the original warranty. You can take advantage of our expert repair services to keep your machine functioning properly and prolong its lifespan. You can also better control and anticipate your service and maintenance costs.
  • Peace of mind. Buying used equipment is often a gamble — you don’t always know what you’re getting for your money. Our comprehensive certification process removes all the guesswork and lets you complete your purchase with confidence. You’ll also receive a complete maintenance history and detailed information regarding any upgrades we’ve made.

Browse Our Cat Certified Used Equipment Lineup

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