Ancillary Power Equipment Rentals

You rely on sophisticated power equipment to run a productive, profitable business. While your choice of a generator, compressor or air conditioner is critical, each of these items is only as effective as the weakest link in the overall system they inhabit.

The Carolina CAT rental inventory includes an extensive selection of ancillary power equipment and related items. Whether you are renting a single cable or looking for a comprehensive power solution for your operation, our accessories and ancillary equipment can be counted on for reliable performance for as long as you need them.

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Available Equipment

Carolina CAT rents power equipment to construction crews, landscapers, manufacturers, event planners and a wide range of other clients. Meeting the requirements of these diverse operations requires exceptional flexibility and multiple accessories. Make us your first choice when you need to rent:

  • Load banks: Load banking is an essential part of planned maintenance and testing for backup and standby power systems. For mission-critical applications in facilities such as data centers and hospitals, regular load banking provides peace of mind and performance assurance. We have several load banks for rent, including 100 kW, 400 kW, 500 kW and 1250 kW Avtron units, as well as 3.3 mVA and 6.25 mVA units by Crestchic.
  • Air dryers: Air dryers use a special desiccant or deliquescent material to remove moisture vapor and impurities from compressed air. This prevents damage to delicate equipment and reduces the risk of contamination in sensitive industrial processes. To help our clients achieve these goals, we rent several efficient air dryers with built-in aftercoolers. Available units include 500, 1000, 1600 and 3000 CFM machines.
  • Diesel fuel tanks: The benefits of having extra diesel fuel on hand are readily evident in any industrial application. If your machinery, tools or temperature control equipment runs on diesel, our portable fuel tanks can help you stay productive on the job for longer. We rent 500-, 792-, 2000-, 2500- and 3000-gallon units that are easy to transport to and from any work site.
  • ATS: An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a critical part of an emergency power system, one that keeps your operation running smoothly while your backup generator kicks in. We rent ATS units ranging from 200 A to 4000 A, and we can provide on-site technical support as necessary to ensure your system is properly set up and configured.
  • Power distribution equipment: Available power distribution gear rentals include 100 A and 200 A Camlok quick disconnects, Lex 20 A quad stringers and extensions, 100 A three-phase portable boxes, 200 A feeder panels, 50 A spider boxes and more.
  • Cables: High-quality cables and wiring are also available to rent for your backup power system. Choose from 50′ 2/0 and 4/0 cables, 50′ 5-wire banded 1/0 cables, 5/15kv medium voltage cables, shore power cables, 50′ spider box cables, 535 MCM w/ lugs and more.

Why Rent Ancillary Power Equipment from Carolina Cat?

An ancillary power equipment rental from Carolina CAT enables you to keep your projects moving forward without costly delays. You’ll find an assortment of late-model, low-hour machines that are ready to perform at your jobsites. Renting offers the ideal solution for temporarily replacing equipment that’s in the shop for repairs or bolstering your fleet to handle a sudden surge in business. You’ll also avoid the extra costs that come with ownership, such as planned maintenance and storage.

You’ll Get Competitive Ancillary Equipment Rental Rates, Flexible Terms, and Much More

Rent any of the above products by the day, week or month. Discounted rates are available for long-term contracts. We ensure all rentals are in excellent working condition and have been maintained and tested as necessary. Delivery is available to job sites throughout Western North Carolina. If you’re not sure which machine is best for your applications, Carolina CAT can help. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you in choosing a model that meets your unique power generation requirements and fits your budget. For assistance, contact one of our rental locations directly.

Browse Our Ancillary Power Equipment Rentals

Take a minute to review our current ancillary machine rental lineup. If there’s a piece of equipment you can’t find, please let us know – we’ll be happy to locate it for you. For assistance, contact one of our rental locations directly. You can also give us a call at (800) 277-6010 to speak with a Carolina Cat team member or request a fast, no obligation quote.